Karma Seed 5 Bracelet Pack


Plant a seed of good karma and watch it grow! Contribute to positive change in our world by sharing a bracelet loaded with good intentions and watch your gift bloom, one seed at a time.


What you put out into the world comes back to you!

This is how you can change the world. By sharing a bracelet loaded with good intention with someone you connect with or just happens to need a little lift, you change their Karmic vibration! This is a gift that truly keeps on giving because once you share them they become something treasured by the receiver! They think of you when they wear them which is good karma coming back to you. Better yet, when wearing them before you give them away they become “energized” with all your good energy! This is energy people can feel.  Each seed pack includes 5 bracelets combining semi-precious stones believed to be electromagnetically charged with 5 specific intentions as well as a seed incorporated in the design.   To Wear-to Share…

  • Acai Seed & Turquoise – Peace
  • Lotus Seed & Onyx – Happiness
  • Batikan Seed & Amethyst – Love
  • Mahogany Seed & Labradorite – Hope
  • Rudraksha Seed & Jasper – Gratitude

Each pack of five includes a bracelet to wear and four more to share empowering you to change someone’s world.