About Michelle Marocco

“Jewelry making is just an extension of my life-long love of making art” 

Michelle’s life passion is being in the moment of the creative process. To capture and harness that compelling urgency to create is her driving force. Her creations channel positive energy and help to renew the soul. “I like to style both the body and spirit with my jewelry” says Michelle. Inspired by meditation and her yoga practice, Michelle has established herself as an internationally acclaimed jewelry artist and her jewelry is in high demand, worn by many celebrities such as Russell Brand, Nicole Scherzinger, Elaine Irwin, and Frankie Ballard. Ms. Marocco was also personally invited to Saudi Arabia by the royal family to exhibit the Marocco collection at an annual women-only charity event.

Michelle’s artistic talent also extends into large-scale abstract expressionist and figurative paintings. After a 15-year career as a successful canvas artist, Michelle began creating jewelry 8 years ago, and the Marocco line now includes numerous unique collections true to her original concept of “The Audacity of Diamonds on Leather.” With consciousness, Michelle’s multi-dimensional imagination helps her to handcraft one-of-a-kind wearable art and you can feel the energy infused in both her jewelry creations while wearing them and also upon reflection of her artwork.

Evolution of Niyama

“Niyama” means purification through self-discipline and is part of the 8 limb interpersonal journey of yoga. Michelle embraces and infuses this life principle into every Niyama By Marocco creation.

Michelle designed the trademarked Niyama symbol, borrowing the infinity symbol (∞), turning it upright and giving it outstretched arms to suggest a seated meditation. The logo also symbolizes the positive energies of life, in which Michelle dedicates her personal journey.

Marocco About
Niyama by Marocco
The discipline of the five Niyamas has inspired my life and my current body of work to look beyond what we see in others and ourselves. The underlying dialogue in the paintings begins with layers of textures, symbols, and hidden messages representing the complex history and influences that create who we are.

Michelle’s family is her biggest influence. She is constantly gaining inspiration from her two sons, Gavin and Justin. No matter how many projects she has going, she always puts family first. They continue to keep Michelle on her toes and her creativity flowing, and she loves every second of it!

“The audacity of diamonds on leather” is the original vision Michelle had five years ago for her jewelry line and she remains true to it today. Her ideas seem to be limitless. Each energized creation is one of a kind just like the spirit who connects with it. Michelle calls this a “circle of good karma.”

Michelle loves to design her home. The artist in her can see how pieces fit together and how to make a room immerse you into another world using found objects, paint, plaster, and unique one-of-a-kind pieces. Please contact us if you are interested in Michelle’s interior design services.

If you are interested in working together, send us an inquiry and Team Marocco will get back to you for further information and next steps for your project.

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